A country where contrasts are met, from the exuberant Amazon to the largest salt desert in the world. Experience authenticity, surrealistic beauty, culture, history and spirituality of its habitants. Experience Bolivia!


Bolivia’s main capital is Sucre and the official languages are Spanish & Quechua.


The main attractions in Bolivia are: Tiwanaku archeological site, Lake Titicaca, Madidi National Park, Uyuni salt flats, city of Sucre, Death Road (Coroico Road), The Jesuits Missions, etc.

La Paz

Located in the western border of Bolivia at 3,625 m.a.s.l, it is the third most important city in Bolivia and one of the top touristic destinations. La Paz and Puno share the boarder with Titicaca Lake so it’s quite common to see pre-hispanic ruins, specially form the Tiwanaku culture.


The city of La Paz shows a colorful blend of the lifestyle and traditions of the Aymara culture with the colonial architecture.


Due to the altitude of the city, temperatures are cool to mild throughout the year.



A real out-of-the-world destination! Visitors cross over this immense Salt Lake in 4×4 vehicles and overnight in hotels made of salt. Uyuni is the home to the world’s largest salt flats, 4,000 square meters formed from a prehistoric lake.


It is located in the southwest of Bolivia at 3,660 m.a.s.l.


Due to its location in a desert, the annual temperature is less than 18 °C.


Lake Titicaca

This lake is shared between Peru and Bolivia and visitors love to cross from one side to the other on catamarans or hydrofoils. The beauty of the lake from either side is unquestionable, there is probably no lake like this in the world, preserving, until modern times, the traditions and colors of its first inhabitants. In the Bolivian side the most impressive and visited islands are Isla del Sol and Copacabana.


Colorful Lakes Of Southern Bolivia

This is one of the most beautiful hidden secrets in South America; discovered by those crossing by land from Uyuni to Atacama or vice versa. The colors, contrasts with the blue and cloudy sky and the mountains that surrounds these lakes will only impress its visitors but the surprise for all is always the large amount of flamingos that can be seen in them.


These lakes are seen on the road between Uyuni salt flats and Atacama desert and “Laguna Colorada” and “Laguna Verde” are the most popular ones.